Case Study: Sam Cross Digital

A case study for the rebrand of my new web development and online marketing business, Sam Cross Digital.

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During my second year of studying at college, I decided it was time to settle on a career for the future. I'm passionate about great design, website technologies, and networking, so web development was the perfect fit. I decided to launch my online marketing and web development business, Sam Cross Digital, in June 2020.

The Logo

Business card concept design A previous concept design for a business card

Before anything else, I decided to create a logo for my brand, which I now use across all my social media channels and my website. The logo was initially conceptualised as a hyperlink icon, shaped into an "S". I turned the icon on its side to further enforce the concept of a letter, without losing the original meaning.

The Website

The Sam Cross Digital website homepage The Sam Cross Digital homepage

I designed a website using Figma, which used a friendly design with curved edges on most elements. The design incorporates my brand colours of magenta and purple in various places, such as buttons.

A button on the website


The website is built using Next - a JavaScript library which enables Static Site Generation (SSG) with ReactJS - and deployed on Netlify (with Heroku hosting the Strapi backend).

Thank you for reading! Please check out more projects on my portfolio.