Blog: Where Have I Been? (New YouTube Channel)

Where have I been, and why haven't I been updating my blog? I explain everything in this post, and introduce you to my new YouTube channel.

Since the conclusion of my last project, and the launch of local networking services, I've been working hard on improving my networking skills. This has given me little time to work on client projects, so unfortunately I have stopped accepting a lot of new work since earlier this year (which you'll know if you tried to book me). However, it has presented a new opportunity - a way of community learning through YouTube.

YouTube Channel

YouTube - Sara Kurfess on Unsplash

I launched a new YouTube channel earlier this month, with a video about setting up an OPNsense router with one NIC. For a new channel, that video's actually done quite well (and it's interesting, so worth a watch)!

So, why haven't I been uploading since? I recently acquired a new microphone and stand, allowing me to record better voiceovers for my future videos. Along with this, I've been developing my Active Directory skills (so expect some videos on that topic soon).

Service Break

For the forseeable future I won't be accepting new clients for any projects; instead, I'll be uploading walkthroughs and tutorials to YouTube - if you'd like to watch, click here and Subscribe.