Blog: Free Stock Images for Your Social Media Marketing Material

In this article, I discuss a range of free stock image (and video) providers, which you can use for your website, social media marketing, and branding.

"Free" Stock Images?

When you search for "stock images", you'll usually see a range of services such as Adobe Stock and Getty Images. These websites may provide great images, but they come at a huge price. It gets worse when you realise you can get the same great images for the amazing price of £0.00. Some websites even offer video downloads, too!

Free Stock Images Roundup

Camera on a table Hanson Lu - Unsplash

There are three main contenders for free stock images - Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels.


Unsplash is a fantastic website for free stock photos. It offers a huge library of high-resolution content, under the "Unsplash License" - a totally non-restrictive license which allows you to do virtually anything (except claim images as your own). This means you can use images with no attribution and no royalty fees. I've been using Unsplash since I became a web designer, and I don't plan to stop.


Pexels is another great site for free stock photos - but they also offer a huge library of videos, too. I tend to use Pexels when I'm looking for something a little more specific, as the library seems to be larger than that of Unsplash. I also use Pexels for stock video - they have a huge library of high-resolution video available for free under non-restrictive licenses.


Pixabay is a third option for stock photos, which also offers free-to-use vector images and videos. I haven't used Pixabay much, but it's a fantastic option if you're looking for additional content, or vector images to use for your website or branding.

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